Nutrition to The Highest Order

Lean Cuisine® has partnered with one of Australia’s leading Dietitians and Nutritionists Susie Burrell. You often find Susie discussing everything about nutrition on TV, in magazines and newspapers. Susie is also a professional nutritional advisor for sporting teams and TV shows such as “Sunrise” and “The Biggest Loser”.

The author of popular books ”Lose Weight Fast”, “Losing the Last 5 Kgs” and “The Monday To Friday Diet” Susie has helped many Australian to reach their nutrition goals.

Susie's Tips

Planning, Planning, Planning

Planning is the key to dietary success. Take time out each week and day to consider your meals and snacks in advance and you will find it is much easier to keep on track with your food each day.

Fruit and Veggies for Optimal Health

Have you had your 2 pieces of fruit and 5 servings of veggies today? Eating enough fresh fruit and veggies each day is the most powerful step you can take towards optimal health. Aiming to include at least one green and orange vegetable each day will help to boost your nutrient intake. Always aim for at least 2-3 cups of salad or veggies with your evening meals to help keep yourself full and satisfied.

Snack Attack

Pay attention to the times you enjoy your meals and snacks and ideally aim for 3-4 hours in between each meal or snack to support appetite and weight control. Snack only if you are genuinely hungry in between meals. A nutritionally balanced snack will contain 5-10g of protein and / or 3-5g of dietary fibre to help keep you full in between meals.

Don't forget your good fats!

We need 3-4 serves of good fat each day for good health or a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, a handful of nuts, or a serve of avocado.

Hydrate Regularly

Hydration is an important part of weight control – aim for at least 2L of water, herbal tea or sparkling or soda water each day for optimal hydration.

Iron-Rich Foods are Important for Balanced Nutrition

For meat-eaters, remember we need 3-4 serves of lean red meat each week to ensure we get enough iron. For non-meat eaters, aim to include iron-rich plant foods such as legumes, eggs, or leafy greens in your diet each day.

Fancy a treat?

100 calorie treats you can factor into your daily diet include a couple of squares of dark chocolate, a small glass of wine, or a biscuit or two.

Get your Weekly

Aim for 2-3 serves of oily fish such as salmon or sardines each week to get the optimal amounts of omega 3 fats each week.

Fibre is Important

Aim for 30g of dietary fibre each day to reach your daily fibre target.



Healthy Eating can be simple. We’ve created a delicious range of calorie-controlled ready meals, made with veggies, grains and high quality proteins. Snap-frozen ready to enjoy in just a few minutes! Save money, time and cleaning up with Lean Cuisine®.



The Lean Cuisine® Healthy Eating Pyramid supports a simple ratio of mostly veggies, some fruit, carbs, protein and good fats and oils. This reliable way of eating takes the guess work out of healthy eating. To reach your Optimum Healthy Life, you also need to make sure you add exercise, stay hydrated, sleep well and have a positive mindset.



Susie Burrell, B. Nutr and Diet (Hons), B.Sc (psych) (Hons), M. Sc (Coach Psych), is one of Australia’s leading Dietitians and Nutritionists. Susie supports the Lean Cuisine® Philospohy of Simple Balanced Nutrition. Find out more about Susie and how we can help you achieve Simple Balanced Nutrition.

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