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Our meals are made with veggies,
grains and high-quality protein. 
Snap-frozen ready for you to enjoy.  
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It is recommended that Australians eat at least 5 serves of vegetables per day (1 serve = ½ cup cooked veg or 1 cup salad veg). Our Lean Cuisine® Nutri Bowls will help you to achieve your daily nutrition, starting with veggies and fibre,
explore the NEW Nutri Bowl range here…

The Lean Cuisine® Protein Plus range is a high source of protein with at least 25g and 2 serves of vegetables per serving. Hit your daily protein requirements and discover Protein Plus…

The Lean Cuisine® 280g range is perfect for an easy lunch that also keeps you feeling fuller for longer and is low in cholesterol. Choose from our six delicious recipes…

The Lean Cuisine® 375g range is perfect for a quick dinner that is low in fat and sugar without all the preparation
Choose from our four delicious recipes…

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The Lean Cuisine® App - Coming Soon!

Take the guesswork out of healthy eating with the Lean Cuisine® Australia App to create your simple, personalised eating plan.