Simple Balanced Dinners

Time is our most precious asset and we are all familiar with the late afternoon and evening rush to finish work, juggle the traffic, get to the gym or some sort of activity, sort out the kids and the pets and prepare a healthy, balanced dinner. Is it any wonder so many of us are […]

Calorie Control

Calories are tricky. At times we are told we should count them. At others that they are not important and that it is more important to eat according to hunger and fullness rather than according to calories. It may surprise you to hear that the calculation of calories is not an exact science, and as […]

Fresh vs Frozen

When it comes to healthy eating, we are generally told that fresh is best. So where does this leave frozen foods – veggies, fruits and meals? How are they frozen? Are they as nutritious frozen? All your questions are answered right here. As food technology has advanced, so too have food processing techniques. This means […]


If there is one area of nutrition in which the thinking has changed significantly in recent years it is in relation to snacking. Once considered extremely important to keep the metabolism pumping, what was once a small snack of a piece of fruit or a coffee is more likely now a small meals worth of […]


When it comes to weight control and healthy eating, protein is frequently mentioned. So what exactly is protein, why do we need it, where do you find it and how much do you need? Everything you need to know about protein is right here. What is protein? As one of the 3 key nutrients, protein […]