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Introducing: The Lean Range by Lean Cuisine®

Introducing: The Lean Range by Lean Cuisine®

I am very excited to share with you a project I have been working on for more than 12 months! Today we launch a reformulated, and new range of Lean Cuisine® – the frozen, calorie controlled meals that have lived in the frozen meal section of supermarkets for almost 30 years. While you may be vaguely familiar with the brand, let me share with you the exciting new range that has been scientifically formulated and developed by a team of talented chefs to deliver simple, balanced, nutrition.

So a little over a year ago I formally met with the Lean Cuisine® team to discuss the goal of reinvigorating the Lean Cuisine® range and to ensure it catered for the nutritional needs of busy people who want the convenience of frozen meals without compromising their nutrition.

After several months of brainstorming the new range (including an Aussie first of frozen breakfast meals), working closely with the extremely talented chefs, innovation team and food technologists we have an amazing range of nutritionally balanced, delicious breakfasts, nutri bowls, lunch, dinner and high protein meal options which are now available in supermarket freezer aisles for you to enjoy.

With a focus on macronutrient balance, we have tried to get as much good stuff as we can into these meals and the result is something we are extremely proud of.

Specifically, the range is calorie controlled, and aims to support nutritional balance as communicated in the Healthy Eating Pyramid with a balance of veges, carbs, proteins and fats. And most importantly, the range tastes and looks amazing, making good nutrition easy for busy people.

Over the next few week’s I will gradually introduce you to the new range, as well as other features the Lean Cuisine® range will offer its customers.

This project was one a dietitian dreams of – a chance to work directly with food industry to improve the overall nutritional intake of thousands of Australians. I cannot wait for you to try the meals we have developed for you, get your feedback and share our vision of making simple, balanced nutrition easier for all Aussies.

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